04 October 2013

face of the day - green eyebrows?

Sorry for the delay in posts! I've been swamped with housework because my mother is out of commission, so any attempts at doing makeup are either nonexistent or limited to a half hour's time. But I had a bit more free time today, so I thought I'd do some wacky eyebrows because they seem to be my favourite thing to do to my face these days.

You might notice in these photos that I might be wearing the same shirt for more than one post... Confession: I'm lazy and pretty much wear the same five or six shirts in rotation when I'm at home. The shirt in these pictures is my National Honor Society shirt from my senior year of high school and it's a little big on me... Plus I was probably slouching in this picture. Whoops!

The green eyebrows were the greatest part of this! I considered wearing them around the house, but I knew I was going to be doing chores the rest of the day, so it wasn't practical. (That is me being an adult, and yes, that's the extent of my ability to be an adult. Who decided I was qualified, anyway?) I'm testing out new eyebrow shapes and this one is more rounded than usual. Unfortunately, that also means I overshoot where I usually put the arch, and then the rest of the brow gets a little weird.

This foundation is slightly too yellow for my skin, but you can't tell in these pictures, thankfully. It seems to work well in terms of not clinging to dry patches, but I'll need to do a day-long test run one day. These pictures are making me notice that I have a spot on the left side of my face, right side of these pictures, near my hairline that is technically still part of my face but has hair growing on it, so it looks like I missed a spot whilst putting on my foundation. Um, how do I work with that?

Sugarpill Chromalust pigment in Junebug (forest green shimmer)

Lid - Urban Decay eyeshadow in Chopper (copper shimmer with silver micro-glitter)
Inner lid - Makeup Geek pigment in Birthday Wish (light gold peach shimmer)
Outer lid - Makeup Geek pigment in Utopia (deep brown/antique gold duochrome glitter)

Flower Beauty About Face foundation in LF2
Benefit boi-ing concealer in 01
Maybelline Fit Me concealer in 15 Fair
Benefit moon beam

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Smitten (sheer berry)

Hopefully this weekend brings more free time so I can do some more experimenting and maybe do a real review! I did just get the Sugarpill Cold Chemistry palette...

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