01 August 2014

look of the week - new hair!

So, remember how I was blonde for two weeks? Well, that's not the case anymore.

Here's my sunset hair! It's a little dark in this photo, but my hairdresser put in purple, pink, and orange semi-permanent dye and left one piece and my bangs blonde. This was done on Sunday, 27 July. (The only makeup I'm wearing here is Anastasia Dipbrow in Dark Brown and OCC Stained Gloss lip tar in New Wave.)

And here's the back! He curled it a bit so the colours blended more.

Two days later, I put it into a side ponytail and accidentally turned myself into a rainbow because I was wearing green eyeshadow and a blue sweater, but when I got home, I just put blue eyeliner on instead of wearing the sweater.

The makeup here is Dr. Jart+ V7 BB cream, Anastasia Dipbrow in Dark Brown, Sugarpill loose eyeshadow in Olivia (a limited edition olive-green shimmer), Urban Decay eyeliner in Flipside (a discontinued bright teal with silver-teal shimmer), a black Sephora liquid liner, and Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Bauhau5 (deep raspberry).

I washed it Tuesday night and then had the genius idea to put in a clear gloss to protect the colour. Turns out that just faded it even more quickly and I didn't even wash all the gloss out, so I almost gave myself a peroxide burn on my scalp. WHOO! So this is what my hair currently looks like:

Man, those dark circles. And that faded hair. I'm wearing some combination of Sugarpill loose eyeshadows (Magpie, Royal Sugar, Weekender, and Smitten, I think?) to invoke the deeper end of a sunset and possibly allude to what I might do with my hair later on. Additional makeup: Anastasia Dipbrow in Dark Brown and Lipstick Queen Butterfly lipstick in Float.

All I'm really saying is that I really love this hair and while I'm sad it's fading so quickly, I'm glad I get the opportunity to play with colours. Any suggestions for what to do next with my hair? I'm stocking up on Manic Panic!

Also, this weekend I should be posting a mega post about eyebrows. It might be my legacy, and it also might be approaching 4k.

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